Branding the Difference Branding the Difference

As brand-consumer touchpoints continue to proliferate alongside technological advancements, the boundaries connecting all touchpoints of brand identity become increasingly blurred, converging into a comprehensive branding concept.

Branding the Difference embodies the art of connecting various touchpoints with coherence and consistency.



arteficegroup is a multidisciplinary independent Italian agency.
Established in 1996, arteficegroup boasts a team of 98 talents across offices in Milan, Olbia, and Turin.
We also possess an exceptional capability to produce
communication, digital, packaging, and retail projects in-house.

1 Brand Strategy.
4 Areas of Vertical Expertise.

We transform the theoretical practice of branding into a creative and productive strategy, practical, creative strategies, ensuring synergy and consistency at every project stage. Our unified workflow system adds value, delivering effective solutions and tangible results.

Our approach centers on four vertically specialized areas, sharing methodologies and strategies to support actions within the brand identity framework.

Branding & Communication.

We build Brand identity within a comprehensive branding concept.
We transform strategic concepts into distinctive and relevant creative ideas across all channels, for all audiences, and generations.

Brand building, revamping, analysis, strategic positioning, Brand identity systems, and all tools for comprehensive communication plans.

Advertising | Brand communication | Brand design | Scenario analysis | Strategic planning - Marketing positioning

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Packaging Solutions.

The only agency in Italy managing the end-to-end pack design process in-house, utilizing a digitized and personalized workflow at every step of the project: from creativity and design to execution and Repro House services, all the way to print master file production.

Eva Manager is our proprietary web platform for Artwork Management services, optimizing approval timelines and costs, facilitating constant dialogue with all client areas.

3D & Mock up prototypes | Artwork Management | End-to-end packaging solutions | Eva Manager | Packaging design | Print solutions | Product design | Repro service

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Retail Design.

Our in-house Factory integrates Retail Design, 3D design, production, and logistics management to enhance the brand's interaction with people, creating valuable brand experiences. For over a decade, this has been a distinctive service in Italy.

agLAM is our proprietary web platform for Logistics & Asset Management services. It ensures efficient management throughout all phases of the process, from logistics and installations to roll-outs and maintenance of furniture and display structures, optimizing time and costs.

Engineering - prototypes | Installation | Logistic management | Maintenance | Pre-production | Production | Retail design | Store concept

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Digital Experience.

Branding evolves into Digital Identity. We specialize in developing digital communication platforms and strategies, exploring emerging trends and languages. Our focus is on creating engaging digital experiences to enhance the relationship between people and brands, catering to any target audience across generations.

Continuously updating communication codes, we connect cultures, people, technologies, and innovative tools, while also anticipating potential media and language evolutions.

Digital communication | Digital marketing strategy | New media analysis | Web & app solutions

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Our exclusive tools.

We have developed web platforms to digitize work processes, streamline business decisions, and optimize time and costs.

Eva Manager

Eva Manager.

Our propietary web platform for Artwork Management services.

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Our propietary web platform for Logistics & Asset Management services.

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Company Culture.

2 permanent training workshops on general topics impacting society, and company's activities, such as sustainability, technology, social mainstream and new uprising trends and significant international events:



A team dedicated to watch, collect news and build scenario documents and articles on worldwide transforming events in technology, society and finance. A continuous search for information from specialized international databases, scenario documents, and in-depth articles.



Born from our cooperation as sponsor and mentors for the Politecnico di Torino Eco-packaging Design Master.
A workshop dedicated to research and application of sustainable developments for any kind of branding activities.