arteficegroup. The Italian art of Branding the Difference.

Italian agency with international flair, founded in 1996, fiercely independent, over 80 people strong, with offices in Milano and Torino.
It is strategic, creative, strongly brand-design oriented, with a feel for innovative thinking.

Moreover it has a groundbreaking ability to produce in-home the outputs for packaging and retail concepts.

Strategic making

Our approach to a wider idea of branding

The process starts by identifying the brand profile along with all its perspective developments and potential goals.

All this flows into what we call a creative-productive strategy, which is applied to each of our vertical competences, activating synergy and coherence in every moment of the project: packaging, retail, online and offline communication.

This is how our unmatched and extraordinary ability to bring projects to life is realized.

arteficegroup redefines any branding theoretical activity, transmuting it into Strategic Making, an active way of thinking based on the minimization of the distance often arising between thinking and making.

4 vertical areas of expertise

Focused on the specific needs of each project. 

Their work shares methodology and strategy to achieve maximum synergy.


Icon Branding & Communication

Every activity devoted to brand building, re-branding, revamping, launching and re-launching. Its outputs are scenario analysis, marketing strategic positioning and all the projects which can follow, from the brand identity system to full blown cross-media communication plans.

Advertising | Brand communication | Brand design | Scenario analysis | Strategic planning - Marketing positioning
Packaging Solutions

Icon Packaging Solutions

The solo end-to-end packaging chain existing in Italy.
Its digital workflow integrates all the technologies and skills needed to bring the project from the creative to the design, until the final files for print.
It can generate international packaging lines for tens of countries. The workflow is backed-up by Eva Manager, a proprietary digital tool customized on every brand’s needs, which saves time by connecting client and agency to fine tune every single moment of check and correction.

3D & Mock up prototypes | Artwork Management | End-to-end packaging solutions | Eva Manager | Packaging design | Print solutions | Product design | Repro service
Retail Experience

Icon Retail Design

A true in-house factory designing, prototyping, manufacturing and reaching as far as installation, logistic management and maintenance of point of sales. This is a service with no peers in Italy. This area of expertise benefits from AGLAM, a proprietary and extraordinarily functional digital tool, set to monitor the display materials’ state of maintenance in all the POS at national level. This unit is defined by a control of the project without proxies and ensures customers with a single producer-contact person throughout the whole project.

Engineering - prototypes | Installation | Logistic management | Maintenance | Pre-production | Production | Retail design | Store concept
Digital Experience

Icon Digital Experience

Watch rising trends, update of communication codes and the potential developments of today’s most established media, followed by any target of any generation. The main goal of this area of expertise is to develop digital communication platforms and strategies.

Digital communication | Digital marketing strategy | New media analysis | Web & app solutions

Company Culture

2 permanent training workshops on general topics impacting society,
and company’s activities, such as sustainability, technology, social mainstream and new uprising trends and significant international events:


Born from our cooperation as sponsor and mentors for the Torino Polytechnic Eco-packaging Design Master. A workshop dedicated to research and application of sustainable developments for any kind of branding activities.


A team dedicated to watch, collect news and build scenario documents and articles on worldwide transforming events in technology, society and finance.

The Observatory and the GreenHub findings are shared within the Company by periodical lectures and, with anyone interested, through our mAGazine.