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Logistics & Asset Management

agLAM is the proprietary Logistics and Assets Management platform developed internally by arteficegroup, offering a comprehensive solution for the operational management of all project phases. From installation planning to product and structure handling, to point-of-sale maintenance, agLAM covers it all.

agLAM, our proprietary web platform, enables the management and enhancement of workflows, logistics, setups, roll-outs, and maintenance processes. It ensures efficient time and cost management, as well as monitoring and maintenance of display structures.

The portal operates seamlessly on PC or MAC, as well as on smartphones or tablets through browsers or App.


How it works.

agLAM offers an integrated approach that optimizes internal efficiency while ensuring transparent collaboration with the client.
The platform allows for precise monitoring of every step, including live installations for quality control, with the convenience of geolocation. Furthermore, it facilitates the sharing of logistical documentation flow, making it a valuable tool to support retail and trade marketing.

A single tool that simplifies the entire operational flow, ensuring punctuality and reliability in achieving the objective.



Provides detailed visualization of assets and updated state for each store in the sales network.

It allows for a clear view of the material stored in our warehouse.

It provides precise organization of structure setups and furnishings, ensuring detailed control of every asset brought to the store.

It enables efficient organization of rollouts and updates, as well as launches of new products and updates to graphics for each store.

It allows for the planning and monitoring of each individual intervention at every single point of sale, including active, inactive, and returned structures from the stores to the warehouse.

It provides real-time geolocation of each structure with detailed typological information and their location.

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agLAM offers an integrated approach that optimizes internal efficiency and ensures transparent sharing with the client.
The platform allows for precise monitoring of each step.

Design and structure manufacturing for retail managed by:arteficegroup-espoworkr
Retail installation planning
Each individual asset is coded for traking.
Specification of assets and structures for every store.
Live sharing of store assembly and updates.
Management of new product launches (rollout).
Management of structure and product returns with tracking.
Maintenance and constant update of the facilities at the point of sale.