Alce Nero

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The Alce Nero brand is born from a 1978 counter-culture agricultural project, inspired by the legendary spiritual guide Lakota-Sioux.

Several years after, Alce Nero is a national company including 1000 organic farms and food manifacturers,
all committed to producing food that is good both for people and the Earth.

In a spreading organic food market more and more commoditized, it was needed to restore birthright
and claim the difference by telling the full social project: an ethic that goes far beyond the simple offer of organic food.

The idea was to do it through the packaging.

This is how the narrative label originated: circle-shaped like tee-pees, where the oral tradition of native americans was passed down,
surrounding the logo with the story of the ingredients each product is made of.

Places of origin, supply chain, cultivars, nutrition facts.
The features of every product are told trough a modular system which is declined, since many years,
on more than 20 market categories and beyond 300 SKUs.

The project had a recent addition: the restyling of the 15 pasta SKUs packaging,
whose sustainability has been increased by using solely paper, avoiding the usual transparent plastic porthole.

Those new packaging have a tier A Aticela® 501 certification,
which demonstrates a very high recyclability, with almost zero waste.

The Alce Nero project is complemented with a tv and print advertising campaign.