Morato Group. All the goodness of bakery

Branding & Communication

After a series of acquisitions in Italy and abroad, Morato Pane needed a corporate identity able to attune all the companies,
Italian and foreign, family run and industrial,
which have become part of the Group.

The project has been developed through market positioning, logo, claim, brand
manifesto, values, vision, visual identity system, brand and social communication format, web site and stationery.

The preliminary analysis to the full blown strategic output has been conceived by using macro-elements of Cultural Intelligence,
namely the skill set which allows to work efficiently in different cultural environments.

The goals are many: build a recognizable and distinctive identity, lay the seeds of a corporate culture designed to become a common ground for different enterprises, boost cohesiveness and sense of belonging, share the Group values and define Morato Group as a benchmark for the Italian and European baking industry.

The targets for this operation are both inside and outside the company: investors, partners, suppliers, industry media, opinion leaders and personnel at all levels.

The logo, inspired by the typical Italian squares’ arcades, doesn’t represent only the history and the tradition but also the ideas of meeting and sharing, which are the ground for innovation.
The arch shape suggests also a classic of the bakery: the sandwich bread.

The claim, All the Goodness of Bakery, willingly international and inclusive,
tells the many different kind of baking composing the Morato Group.

The new visual identity and the definition of corporate culture values are expressed in a brand manual that represents Morato Group founding act.