Celebrating Torino 2006 Winter Olympics:
A Pioneering Integrated Marketing Project.

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The 2006 Winter Olympics was a winter multi-sport event held from February 10 to 26 in Turin, Italy. The official motto of Turin 2006 was "Passion lives here". The iconic Games logo featured a stylized profile of the Mole Antonelliana, adorned with white and blue ice crystals, symbolizing snow and sky. Meet the adorable mascots Neve, a female snowball, and Gliz, a male ice cube.

Torino 2006 set a new benchmark, captivating 3.1 billion viewers, one billion more than Salt Lake City 2002. It pioneered live video coverage on mobile phones, online streaming, and high-definition TV—a technological marvel unmatched in Olympic history. (Fun fact: the first smartphone debuted in 2007).


The Coca-Cola Company has been a historic sponsor of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) since 1928, the year in which the Games were hosted by the city of Amsterdam in a historic edition, in which the Olympic Flame was lit for the first time and for the first time women were allowed to participate in athletics and gymnastics competitions.

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The Coca-Cola Company partnered with arteficegroup to craft a unique brand identity. From the Composite Logo fusing Olympic and Coca-Cola logos (the fusion of the official logo of the Winter Olympics with the Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Light logos) to defining usage rules and creating a vibrant Visual Identity System for Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light and Powerade. The collaboration extended to the realzation of the communication materials at Olympic venues. Commemorative packs, special editions, and merchandising materials became cherished collector's items.

 “Se la vita fosse le olimpiadi ti meriteresti la medaglia?"