arteficegroup signs the new identity of Tonazzo 1888.

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Since 1888, Tonazzo chooses the best cuts of meat. And it chooses arteficegroup to sign the new Brand Identity and the launch of the new product lines.
Since the end of the 19th century, the Tonazzo butchers have been synonymous with good meat. And today the Tonazzos’ family is a constantly evolving reality dedicated to the production and processing of animal proteins, which has not stopped innovating, and which, with its products, supplies both retailers and catering.

The project to revisit its brand identity was born from the need to launch 3 new lines of selected cuts in the consumer market: Grigliamo, a line for barbecue and grill enthusiasts, Scelte per Me, with lean and tasty cuts, and Cotti per Me, the line of ready meals.

The project created in collaboration with arteficegroup started from the design of the logo, enhancing the history of the family, introducing the date of foundation to underline the long history of love for good meat and the ancient tradition of the Tonazzo family brand.
The naming study of the 3 lines, Grigliamo, Scelti per Me and Cotti per Me, describes the products, their organoleptic characteristics and intended use in a simple and direct way.
Even the study of pack design and packaging materials were developed in strong mutual synergy with the products. Transparency emphasizes the presentation and quality of the product, while the new Visual Identity System builds the distinctive identity of the specific lines, in which the choice of the photographic shot to complement the window stimulates the appetite appeal and suggests the consumption occasion.

Le tenerissime

The project continued by bringing the new identity also to the digital and social channels, with the study of the new website, developed entirely on the communication concept designed for the brand pay off: Tonazzo 1888. Always the best cut.
The new online identity transfers all the mastery of tradition and the quality of the products, through the use of the typical codes of this food category and plays with light-dark tones that enhance the photographic images of perfectly cooked cuts of meat.
The site is also enriched by the content of the column dedicated to advice for cooking meat at its best: I Consigli di Tony. The protagonist is a new character, the expert Tony, created especially for the occasion, who talks about his passion for good meat, also on social channels, and collects suggestions on how to recognize the right cut for every occasion and how to prepare it in the best possible way.

Always the best cut since 1888. A long history of love for good meat. And for Brand Identity.