Packaging Ecosystem

We are the sole agency in Italy specialized in Packaging Design and Artwork Management, overseeing the end-to-end pack design process in-house. With our expertise, skills, services, and cutting-edge technologies, we support companies in the Food, Beverage & Retail sector by managing the study, development, and printing of pack design. From Design to Print Master File to Repro House services. Packaging Design becomes a strategic asset for brand communication, seamlessly integrated into a broader branding concept.

Why MAD-E ? (it is pronounced Meid -i)

MAD-E, the group's Business Unit specialized in Pack Design, is the first agency in Italy specialized in End-to-End Packaging Design: design combines with new technologies and sustainable innovation.
Pack Design becomes a strategic asset of the brand identity, in the construction of a distinctive and relevant proprietary language for the consumer. Through a customized, digitized workflow, we manage every aspect of the project, facilitating real-time interaction with all client sectors.

Complete integration of the Pack Design process.

We integrate experience, expertise, and technologies to manage the entire process, from creativity and design to executive management and print master files, while engaging with all client areas.

Creativity, Innovation, and Sustainability.

We integrate creativity, innovation and technology. Our teams work on shared projects in real time with the aim of promoting, designing and developing innovative and sustainable creative solutions, through an internal division born from the collaboration with Politecnico di Torino and the Master in Eco Packaging Design.

EVA Manager and Artwork Management.

Eva Manager is the proprietary interactive web platform to design a digital workflow customized to the customer's needs, for the management of the Graphic Chain of companies in the Food & Beverage and Retail industries.

What we do.

Our teams diligently pursue the optimal definition of Packaging Design in terms of Design, Sustainability, and Production.
Design, artwork management, and Repro teams work together in an integrated and synchronized manner. Through Eva Manager's integrated sharing tool, they collaborate with clients in real-time, sharing creative projects effortlessly. Our Artwork Specialists finalize the artwork with the support of dedicated tools, ensuring control over all technical, legal, and regulatory aspects.
Meanwhile our Repro Specialists oversee Color Management and create print masters tailored to the machine profile of each printer, for any litho, flexo, or roto printing process.


Our designers merge creativity with a deep understanding of packaging. We follow projects from ideation to the shelf, crafting design strategies that seamlessly integrate design, sustainability, and production.


We streamline the workflow with proprietary innovative tools. Our artwork specialists bring creativity and design to life, overseeing all technical, legal, and regulatory aspects worldwide.


Our team of repro specialists possesses expertise and production capabilities for every printing process on a global scale. With Eva Manager, we create customized digital workflows to ensure speed, precision, and team productivity.


We produce and print in-house:
Carton and flexible mockups
Foil and Varnish special finishes
Digital printing for Packaging
Wide-format digital printing
Commercial digital printing

The Pack Design process.

4 Phases
4 Expertise

Pack Design
Artwork Management

Packaging Solutions

The only agency in Italy managing the end-to-end pack design process in-house, utilizing a digitized and personalized workflow at every step of the project: from creativity and design to execution and Repro House services, all the way to print master file production, facilitating constant dialogue with all client areas.


Creativity, design and research into sustainable solutions, for a unique brand experience for the consumer.

3D Visuals

3D Visuals

Creation of 3D renderings to make product the protagonist in presentations and distinctive on reseller websites.



We manage and create photo shoots with our team and highly qualified partners of food stylists and photographers.



We create hyper-realistic quality mock-ups and small series of production, for all types of packaging.



We manage format and product adaptations . We realize artworks, maintaining maximum consistency of brand and type of print.

Eva Manager

Eva Manager

Our proprietary web platform, which keeps everyone updated, in a digital workflow that optimizes time and costs.

Color management

Color management

We have a team specialized in COLOR THEORY, to guarantee maximum color rendering with cutting-edge software and systems.

Remote Proofing

Remote Proofing

We offer the installation of a complete Remote Proofing system for sending certified color proofs in real time to your office and guaranteeing immediate sharing of all chromatic and layout aspects.

Our proprietary interactive web platform Artwork Management services.

Eva Manager streamlines and enhances workflow processes, optimizing all approval steps.

Eva Manager offers the exclusive service of Remote Proofing: the installation of a complete Proofing system based on Epson P7000 platform and GMG Software ensuring real-time delivery of certified color proofs.

Our process has obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certification and ISO 12647 Fogra Certification, the European Standard profile for print proofs.


We are deeply committed to making sustainability a central part of the brand ecosystem.

Our in-house division, born from collaboration and active participation in the Eco Packaging Design Master's program at the Politecnico di Torino, aims to promote, design, and develop innovative and sustainable creative solutions.

Leveraging our expertise in sustainable design, we explore solutions that make the brand distinctive and unique, both in communication and sustainability.

With a proprietary model: