Silvia Monti. Profumi d’Artista

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Perfumes as antidotes and tonics for the soul.
An original idea by Silvia Monti, a pharmacist who has had a great passion for the olfactory universe since she was a child: a line of personal fragrances intended as antidotes or tonics for emotions and states of mind.

The communication strategy keeps Silvia, the creator of the therapeutic fragrance collection, at the center of the brand narrative. Silvia Monti Profumi d'Artista is the new perfume line inspired by galenic compositions and borders on alchemy.

The design of the pack system is characterized by a simple and evocative color palette composed of a single brand color that identifies all the fragrances: the classic blue tone used to decorate the ceramic of ancient pharmacy jars, on a pure white background.
The choice of shapes which identify the case of each fragrance is inspired by an extreme synthesis of alchemical signs and transform these visual suggestions into a contemporary code.

The choice of the bottle is inspired by a revisitation of the bottles for pharmaceutical preparations, further embellished with a paper collar, which constitutes the actual label.

The names of the different fragrances are the result of Silvia Monti's extraordinary creativity: Antidoto Reattivo, Conserva di Fiori, Essenza Miracolosa, Polvere di Etere e Iniezione di Morfina. They powerfully evoke the world of emotions and state of mind.

Silvia Monti. Profumi d’Artista is distributed exclusively in Lafarmacia's physical and online sales points.