Cellularline chooses arteficegroup for new display solutions in international retail stores

Cellularline, a European leader in the production and distribution of accessories for Smartphones and Tablets, revolutionizes its stores thanks to an innovative Retail Design project.
The new display structures are designed to strengthen the brand's leadership, also in international markets, and increase penetration in traditional distribution channels.
The project's goal started with the brand's new positioning, leading to the development of an innovative concept designed to bring the brand's values to different retail locations, emphasize line identity, and showcase product features.

The structures have been designed as modular systems to optimize the post-sale rollout and interventions, with individual products housed in dedicated showcases to emphasize their functionalities. Each structure is unique in configurations, graphics integration, and digital monitor setups, adorned with LED strips and soft-touch finishes to convey the concept of premiumness and brand identity to the consumer.

A complete range of display systems in wood and iron has been created, consisting of the following modules:
- 360° inspectable freestanding structures in two different sizes: exhibition island SMALL and exhibition island BIG;
- Linear walls set up along the perimeter of the points of sale (pdv);
- Gondola headers to cover the most strategic positions of the consumer journey;
- 5 plugin systems with as many different customizations, designed to be placed in any area of the stores: from the shelf to the checkout.

The structures produced were installed in GDS sales points in Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain and Switzerland, at the IFA International Fair in Berlin, the Elektrofachhändler Fair in Linz (Austria) and participated in the Dream Wheels event organized by Cellularline

Installation and maintenance are monitored through AGLAM, a proprietary web platform for tracking installations in any retail location. AGLAM optimizes time and cost savings through efficient management of setup, monitoring, and maintenance processes for display structures.

This successful and highly visible project exemplifies the creative and productive strategy of the group, leading to cutting-edge display solutions and enhancing the Cellularline brand in international contexts.