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Brand Language Design® for Brand Identity 3.0

In the last 20 years the world has changed at a speed never imaged before. Things, places, people, companies, products, services and brands suddenly found themselves immersed in an interconnected world. In a world shaped by the Digital Transformation, the Brand Language Design® is our method designed to build the Corporate and Brand identity, to tell the brand values, to nurture and define its relation with consumers.

The Brand Language Design® defines, creates and develops the connections that characterize the relation between company/brand and people and it aims to create a unique and memorable relational experience.

The Brand Language Design® shapes virtual and real meeting places and identifies the tools and the most appropriate ways to convey an identity, open a dialogue and create vital connections.

The BrandLanguageDesign® understands strong and weak signals of change, it anticipates their development while adapting to the needs of the brand and its current development.

The Brand Language Design® creates a continuous connection between the activities of the group and the surrounding reality. It understands the changes, analyses data and trends, elaborates strategies of action, develops new creative potentialities and realizes innovative communication tools.


Artefice Group is an independent group, an open community of 78 talents and professionals coming from different cultures. Artefice Group has more than 20 years of experience on the Italian and international market.

A network of skills and expertise, specialized in the creation and management of communication and brand design,with five offices in 3 Countries of Europe and South America.


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