Carpano Botanic Bitter

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The launch of Carpano Bitter is expected to develop on two different strategic marketing positioning:
one within the Carpano range and the other for the HORECA market.

The search for the first is done through the creation of an historically based narrative regarding the whole brand Carpano including all of its products and identifying a minimum common denominator.
Historical significance, authenticity, piedmonteseness and a calling for an uncompromised quality have been found to be key in Carpano brand personality.

The exclusive botanic origin of the high quality ingredients have set the HORECA positioning of the Bitter.
By this finding comes the name Botanic Bitter too.

The visual identity system plays in a post-modern style the long standing and almost baroque visual tradition of Carpano.
A particular attention goes to the special pastel light blue, retrieved by ancient labels from the company archive.