Dr Schär. Made with the best of us

Branding & Communication | Packaging Solutions

Dr Schär manifactures and distributes in two continents the widest range of gluten free food on the planet, which means to decline packaging lines in different languages with different legal standards for each Country.
This comes down to 7 product categories and more than 480 SKUs.
Which are joined by special packagings for festive occasions.

The creative step starts by cooperating at the strategic design project together with the company, to re-define the marketing positioning and a consequent brand identity.

And it’s followed by the creation of a broad pack system able to convey it on both national and international markets.

To deliver such a vaste and complex ensemble of packaging it’s a sensitive task, in which the right set of organizational skills and technological tools are paramount.

arteficegroup’s end-to-end packaging supply chain integrates creativity, production, artwork’s realization up to the files for the final printing.

In this process EVA MANAGER, the proprietary digital platform of the Group, plays an important role.
Its service is provided to the client to manage, along with the agency, the workflow in every
moment of proposal and approval, in order to save time and reduce mistakes.