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Since 30 years Kioene is the plant based recipes Italian market leader. The changing food habits have given the brand both the opportunity of a target expansion and the chance to approach the market with a strong, new and distinctive identity.

The main strategic goals are two: to finally build up a proprietary brand identity and to leave forever the dietary niche, becoming part of the daily shopping list of many people. Which means to free the brand from the characteristic dietary background by creating an ownable, impactful and original appetite appeal.
The supporting evidence used for this purpose is the great variety of vegetables and natural flavors which allows to change taste and recipe every day of the week. Also the Italianness with its typical cooking know how and the vegetable based culinary tradition play an important role.

The evolution starts with a revamp of the logotype. The idea is to use the packaging of the fresh products as the main media for the launch of the new brand identity.
The key visual is designed as for above the line communication.
The creative invention presents the product between two halves of a sandwich, made with the same vegetable ingredients used for each of the 12 recipes.

Meanwhile, to further strengthen the new, daily, normalized consumption positioning, Kioene launches a brand new line of meat-like products.
Naming, visual identity system, packaging: I'MEAT GREEN is created from scratch to reinforce Kioene's role as a benchmark for every kind of tasty, easy, versatile plant-based recipe.

Along with the packaging VIS total restyle and the creation of I'MEAT GREEN the project included the realization of the web site.