Dr Vranjes. Firenze

Packaging Solutions

Since over 35 years, in Florence Dr Vranjes produces fine ambient perfumes which have followers all over the world.
These olfactory atmospheres decorate with their immaterial presence private mansions, resorts, hotels, spas and clubs.

Their success suggested the firm to create 5 personal fragrances with the same scent notes.

The project consisted in the study of a new line for the personal fragrances, which had to be structured with all the body care products such as shower mousse, body fluid, hair mist, body dew e body powder.

Design and creation of the Parfum and Eau de Parfum bottle has been a relevant task of the process. It required the study of several concepts which have been transposed into technical drawnings, pilot moulds and 3D fiberglass samples.

The firm tested 5 of them in the brand’s geographical areas of interest (USA, Asia, Saudi Arabia).
The winner was the one which recalls the Brunelleschi Dome.

The pack system of the 5 lines of ancillary products is characterized by a color shading which echoes the color palette of each fragrance.

The golden of the bottle stopper, modernized by the satin texture and a cool tone, spreads over the whole flacons surface.