Bauli. The Taste Revolution

Packaging Solutions

Bauli soul is made of goodness. The unmistakable taste of baked goods made according to 100 years of heritage.
The goals of the project are conveying this soul,
bringing all Bauli daily specialties together in one pack system,
give to all SKu’s, even the more functional ones, a yummi feeling.

The Taste Revolution is the strategic communication concept on which the full restyling of the Bauli Croissants pack system is based.
It identifies the brand communication code with the pledge of a super gratifying food experience.

The project has been realized through several simple and effective creative intuitions.
The new product shots, way bigger than before, have been surrounded by the even bigger ingredient ones.
This idea turns the proportions up side down to announce the filling richness.

The new food shots appetite appeal has been further enhanced by a darker tone of the Bauli Lilac,
the historical brand color code.

At the base of the front pack a band identifies the different lines:
Classic, 7 Cereals and Seeds, 100% Whole Meal Flour, Lactose Free and No Added Sugar.
At the top, big and free from any graphic frame, stands the brand logo.
The new VIS on shelf boosts brand’s impact and awareness.
The project has an international outlook and covers 21 Countries including several EU nations, USA and Canada.