GelatoMadre. Il gelato italiano 100% naturale.

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GelatoMadre is an extraordinary journey in the essence of authentic traditional gelato, aiming to provide consumers with a unique and original taste experience. It embodies the authentic flavor of traditional gelato crafted with only a few natural ingredients, completely free from additives, flavors, emulsifiers, stabilizers, and colorings
The process of developing a new brand strategy and identity involved a thorough analysis of brand values, the creation of a new strategic positioning, and a complete rebranding of the logo, expressive elements, and communication codes. The new positioning has defined a revamped visual identity, telling the story and highlighting the distinctive elements of the brand: gelato made with carefully selected 100% natural ingredients, a short and controlled supply chain, artisanal craftsmanship, and a passion for authenticity.

The new system is characterized by clean and essential lines, a clear color impact emphasizing the purity and naturalness of each product. It also aims to welcome and showcase brand partners certifying the quality of each reference.

A central aspect of the rebranding effort is the focus on product sustainability. The use of recycled and recyclable plastic for the new containers reflects the brand's commitment to the environment and creating virtuous cycles of production, use, and disposal. These choices, including the use of recycled polypropylene, lead to a yearly reduction of approximately 10 tons of virgin plastic.

The result is a distinctive brand identity that communicates consistently across all channels, from the web to the shelf, showcasing the qualities of the artisanal product and highlighting the features of each 100% natural flavor in the new range:Pistacchio oro verde del medio oriente, BUONTALENTI BADIANI. Fondentenero NOVI e Cremino FIAT Majani.

GelatoMadre, the Italian confectionery tradition of true artisanal ice cream.