Caffitaly partnered with arteficegroup for the new Display Furniture System for GDS

Retail Experience

Caffitaly, a company specialized in the production and distribution of coffee in capsules and coffee machines, has partnered with arteficegroup to design a new Display Furniture System for GDS. The goal is to strengthen brand recognition and narrate the Caffitaly system: the integration of machine and capsule, where each component works cohesively to provide a coffee experience like never before.

The design study originates from an innovative concept to develop a cutting-edge, flexible, and adaptable modular Display Furniture System for specialized distribution points.

Drawer module

The new display structures are designed not only to convey the brand essence but also to highlight the distinctive features of the products: high-quality capsules, innovative machines, and Caffitaly's proprietary technology.
The careful selection of colors and furniture finishes from the institutional color palette ensures consistent brand communication at the point of sale, giving a distinctive and welcoming touch that emphasizes visual identity and engages consumers in a valuable emotional experience.

This new modular Display Furniture System ensures complete adaptability to different spaces within various retail outlets, offering a wide range of combinations to present products, communication, capsule packs, and interactive demonstrations of innovative coffee machines. All configurations maximize visibility, communication impact, and point-of-sale presence:

  • Island: Central positioning for 360-degree visibility, perfect for attracting attention from every angle.
  • Gondola Head: Strategic point to capture customer attention during the purchase journey.
  • Linear: Ideal for displays along corridors or passageways, ensuring a continuous presence.
  • Wall: Maximizes vertical space, providing a visually impactful display area.

A highly visible project that reflects the creative-production strategy of the group, designing and producing in-house unique furniture systems tailored to the specific needs of the client.