Archipelago Restaurant: Where Design Meets Sustainability at the Table

Branding & Communication | Retail Experience

From concept to naming, visual identity to design: every detail of the new format of Archipelago restaurant has been meticulously crafted to create and deliver a truly unique experience.

Immerse yourself in a natural island setting, a celestial dining experience, where each table represents an island for a culinary journey of the highest caliber. The tables, adorned with driftwood, evoke a sense of timeless beauty, with trunks and branches smoothed by the sea's touch.These unique, natural pieces are salvaged from beaches, a testament to our commitment to environmental preservation through the Guardiani della Costa initiative by Costa Crociere Foundation

The crafted visual identity seamlessly integrates original design and communication concepts with a focus on sustainability. Inspired by the idea of using natural driftwood in on-board restaurants, a distinctive mark is born – a digital imprint of a tree trunk section, symbolizing both a mark of nature and an archipelago island. Indulge in a dining experience where innovation meets nature, and sustainability is not just a concept but a reality.

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Archipelago Restaurants: Elevating Culinary Excellence Across Costa Fleet Embark on a culinary journey with Archipelago restaurants, gracing every ship in the Costa fleet. The project's versatility shines as each restaurant seamlessly adapts to the unique ambiance of every vessel. The concept of table-islands, the feeling of entering an archipelago, and the captivating branch-sculptures adorning the spaces: all these elements define the personality of an elegant, refined, and intimate format, instantly recognizable. The innovative and natural design creates the perfect setting to showcase the chefs' creations and savor the intensity of meticulously crafted recipes.


Archipelago stands as the world's only place where three globally renowned, Michelin-starred chefs coexist. Where you can experience  three distinct menus that reinterpret ingredients, traditions, and recipes from your next cruise destinations, adapting to the routes taken.
Indulge in dishes crafted by international culinary maestros: Bruno Barbieri's expertise, Hélène Darroze's authenticity, and Ángel León's marine innovations.

In the age of artificial intelligence, Archipelago represents the pinnacle of natural intelligence. Live and savor every moment on an island meticulously designed to minimize environmental impact.