Chicco Eco+

Branding & Communication | Packaging Solutions

Chicco Eco+ is a toy line made with bioplastic and recycled and further recyclable plastic.
Such a line needs a packaging, a visual identity system and an user experience consistent with the value set of the product.

The project consisted in designing the grid of all Chicco Eco-sustainable packaging system and the in choice of the materials for its production.

A dedicated brand language has been designed to inform users about the brand’s features: it’s an icons system telling about the toys, their packagings, their carbon footprint and details of recycling options.
The icons themselves are organized in a code and a chaining mode.

The creative project for Chicco Eco+, besides toys, includes children’shoes too, when ranked on the shelf, it gives the visual impression of a long meadow.
In this case packaging and display material convey into a single tool, saving materials usage and consequently reducing the C02 emissions to a minimum.
This project includes the realization of POS display materials for all products lines.