Latte Maremma Producers Consortium. The Kicking Cow

Branding & Communication

Cows only kick when they’re happy. And the Consorzio cows are kicking, a lot!
Because they live free in a wild and wonderful territory, between land and see.
They graze in the open, they breathe the salty air while roaming through maritime pine tree woods and beaches.
And they belong to small ranchers who know them one by one and call them by name.

The story of the Kicking Cow starts in 2018, when the Consorzio Produttori Latte
Maremma decides to strengthen its brand identity.
The new heathy eating trends where putting the diary products in a critical position and, at the same time, they were pressured by a direct competitor in the same region.

At a time when the origin of the raw materials is the main criteria of choice, it was immediately clear that the Maremman heritage underlying the name of the Consorzio was the right positioning to be exploited. It needed only to be revamped and brought into communication in a contemporary style.

The brand values analysis showed from the very first moment that the bond with the nature and the handcraft products of the territory was key.

From this natural positioning to the key visual of the Kicking Cow the step was short.

Together with the claim Maremma che Gusto gave way to an extremely distinctive creative synthesis.

The project for Consorzio Produttori Latte Maremma is a success that engages from the very beginning all the arteficegroup’s areas of vertical expertise.