Atkinsons London 1799

Branding & Communication | Retail Experience

Atkinson is one of the international perfumery historical brands.
Throughout centuries its visual identity system has gathered a great amount of signs.
This asset had to be reorganized to relocate the brand into the here and now.

The project consisted in the VIS creation and in the definition of what elements make any image an Atkinsons key visual.
As well as in creating a communication guideline to establish the usage of the elements that have always been part of the brand code.

Such as, for instance, the Atkinsons Bear who becomes a brand testimonial.
Its image has different versions, according to their use:
off-line and on-line adv, corporate communication, PR, merchandising and point of sales.

This codification reaches up to the bottle-based template used both for the above the line communication and as a format for presenting fragrances and the varietis of essences used to compose them.

The project gets completed with the POS retail design part.

The output is visual identity recognizable at first glance which preserves the traditional feeling the brand must keep inspiring,
while reshaping it’s heritage in a contemporary style.