Hippocrates Holding partners with arteficegroup for the brand communication of 'LaFarmacia.'

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Hippocrates Holding S.p.A., a national pharmaceutical retailer with more than 400 pharmacies of its own, has chosen arteficegroup for the creation of the Lafarmacia. brand campaigns, the development of ATL and BTL communication materials and the development of corporate and social media management materials.

Lafarmacia. (spelled with a dot) is a chain of stores throughout Italy that aims to be a daily destination point for health, wellness, hygiene and beauty. Providing convenient access to top-notch products and services, Lafarmacia emphasizes personalized care with its dermocosmetic offerings, with the contribution of the best professionals in the sector.

arteficegroup's innovative approach redefines Lafarmacia's brand identity for the personal care products range, blending traditional pharmaceutical rigor with modern aesthetics, reflected in trendsetting packaging, creating a trendy, minimalist and rigorous packaging system that perfectly integrates with the packaging design shapes chosen for the different product categories.

Micellar water
Product lines

The new identity highlights the Lafarmacia. brand and plays with different colours that make the different product lines instantly recognisable. while prominent text becomes a distinctive element of the new line, enhancing shelf visibility, aiding consumer navigation to identify and choose the desired product.

Minimalism, credibility, clarity and consumer proximity define the unique and distinctive elements that strengthen the identity of the new line of Lafarmacia personal care products.

Elasticizing body cream
Light anti-aging firming cream