FAGE Fruyo. Well. Good. Bis!

Branding & Communication

Making one kg of the traditional greek strained yogurt recipe takes 4 milk liters instead of the single liter needed to produce one kg of every other yogurt.

That’s why Fruyo sensory experience is so fulfilling and energetic: it contains 4 times more proteins and is so thick and dense that even if you turn it upside down it doesn’t fall out of the spoon.
The fast and energyzing edit, on the beat of an electroswing tune, has been used to convey this power and to present the many, many best loved flavors.

The campaign claim Bene. Buono. Bis! tells that Fruyo boasts zero fat content.

This is why you can have two and still feel light.

The TV campaign has been developed for the Italian market and is on air on Mediaset, RAI, La7, Sky, Discovery e Radio Italia TV.