Schär: seeding a better world. The new line of the most beloved Master Baker bread, for a better future..

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The Master Baker bread line is one of the best-selling product lines in the Schär portfolio. The new packaging from the Master Baker line reduces the consumption of plastic packaging by an incredible 15% per year.
The study and creation of this video is part of an integrated plan of activities that Schar is implementing on sustainability issues, to create a better future for people, communities and the planet. And that reflects the brand’s goals and its promise: seeding a better world, one pack at a time. The ultimate goal is to reduce the use of plastic materials in product packaging by 25% by the end of 2024.

The institutional video describes, with pop and metaphorical language, the reduction in the use of plastic for packaging, and the transition towards completely recyclable, recycled or compostable packaging materials, without ever having to give up the quality of the product.

In particular, the Master Baker line has reduced the use of plastic by 38% by removing the tray and reducing the packaging size. And given that the line has a great importance for the brand, overall 15% of plastic consumption of all the company's packaging has been eliminated. The reduction in the size and volume of the pack has made it possible to achieve an important objective also in logistics, and to significantly reduce the number of trucks involved in transport: 778 fewer trucks and 580,737 km saved per year.

The choice to adopt an illustrative language allows us to be more free, metaphorical and almost dreamlike in the narration, and thus transfer the concepts to be conveyed in a light, accessible and more memorable way.
The style chosen for the illustration, in fact, the tone of voice and music emphasize the messages of confidence in the future and the dream of a better and more sustainable world.
We produced a 45" version was created for more institutional channels, 20" vertical cuts for the social channels for the 5 main international markets, and with subtitles for the secondary markets.

Schär: seeding a better world.