Costa. C the future

Branding & Communication

Costa goals for this re-branding operation are two, and both extremely important:
first to emphasize the company search for the greatest possible cruises sustainability, pursued through waste sorting on board, reduction of plastic, care in water saving and usage of bie-fueled technologically advanced ships.

Besides the communication of its new concept, where the cruise becomes a bridge between land and see, able to bring passengers towards a responsible exploration of different cultures.

The project is extensive and includes the re-writing of the whole brand language.

The new marketing positioning and brand identity start from the Costa C,
being the main player, since the 3 historical smokestacks leave the brand forever.

The C gets free from all what inhibit a sleek digital version and get a brandmark role which involves the whole brand architecture.

The visual identity system is composed by new typos supporting the brand color palette, and by a proprietary icon system able to adapt to all communication channels.
It is declined on all touchpoints on board, on web site, and on print materials for travel agents.

The project has been finalized with a brand book defining guidelines for every single use of the new visual identity system.