Wild Biscuits: the new Schär biscuits line for kids. A unique, wild experience.

Packaging Solutions

The partnership with Schär, a leading company in the production of gluten-free foods available in more than 100 countries, also involves arteficegroup in the strategic phase of innovation and new product development.
From this close collaboration, the new Schär Wild Biscuits, delicious gluten-free and lactose-free biscuits, are created for children between 5 and 10 years of age and their parents. These biscuits represent the perfect union between taste and fun, and have been designed to turn all the occasions of consumption of children in authentic adventures.

The project started from the study of a creative concept for the development of a new product that stimulates and engages the kids’ imagination.
The idea was to design tasty and nutritious biscuits in the shape of animals, to create stories to share and create with the new friends, on any occasion, whether it's breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, or mid-afternoon.
The stylized animal shapes of the biscuits then become a moment of fun, making each break a unique experience. To always carry with you.

The development of the creative concept has continued with the study and realization of 5 different Pack Designs, where the brand system is transformed, taking up the stylized shapes of the animals, set in their natural contexts, creating an emotional and visual involvement with the primary target (children), and above all maintaining strong brand coherence for the secondary target (parents).
And the adventures continue in the coloring book, full of fun stories that involve all children in the magical world of Wild Biscuits.

The new line of Kids biscuits is available in Italy, the United States, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil and in several Eastern European countries.

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