Atkinsons. Lifestyle is online.

Digital Experience

The Atkinsons digital project consisted in transforming theIG profile
from a mere showcase into the brand’s main media.

The social media strategy tells, through the monthly editorial plan, the brand’s history,
the scents used for the perfumes, the stories which inspired their creation and contemporary users lifestyle.

IG Stories, IG reel, Social Media Advertising are the best ways
to increase brand awareness and boost the engagement in cosmetic and lifestyle markets.
The main goal was creating an active users community by the use of enthralling
posts and Q&A sessions in which it were possible to talk with the brand.

The overall storytelling is the result of inward content creation:
pictures and reels shooting, copywriting in native english, social media strategy supervision.
Everything is built around Atkinsons values, tone of voice and visual style identified in the brand guidelines.

The content creation is organized into a monthly editorial plan
based on the quantitative data collected during the previous month,
those insight help define the main theme for the following weeks.

The construction of an Atkinsons IG shop transformed the profile into a selling
touchpoint interacting with the brand e-commerce as well.

Video directed by Senio Zapruder.