Branding & Communication | Digital Experience is an innovative italian start-up.
The first benchmark aggregator for personal and professional learning.
It’s a marketplace which gathers a great number of qualified different training courses.

It is aimed at three different targets: those who are looking for on-line learning opportunities, those who are proposing themselves as trainers and companies’ HR looking for staff.

The selection and certification of all the over 200 trainers hosted at present, is one of most distinctive features. Their screening happens through a proprietary evaluation test. is an evolving project and its learning paths will be deployed and customized with the use of an algorithm and the creation of an app.

The project developed for overlaps with the full-fledged building of the digital platform itself. It includes the marketplace establishment supervision and the realization of the UX and UI design of the user interface for the three different targets which log into it through different paths and in different ways.

For was made the full set for the brand identity creation: strategic positioning, logo restyling, visual identity system, brand book, brand manifesto, tone of voice, website, social media profiles, PED, digital media planning, a promotional campaign to foster user registration on the platform and a subsequent launch campaign at national level.